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Magnitüdü tanımlayan ölçekler

LIVE DATA'S from ElectricQuakes...

Below are actual live movies of the sun from space. Notice the dates in each picture. On the left you can see the sun in different wavelengths with all the flares and sunspots. On the right the sun is covered so you see only the corona around the sun. This makes it easier to see large ejection masses from the Sun. If they head directly at Earth you can see them billow out on both sides and hit the satellite. (sometimes you can see comets go around the sun too.)

Solar wind force now

Current Aurora Estimate

This graph shows variations in solar wind over the past 24hrs.


This one shows variations in solar wind over the past 7 days.


This one shows magnetic variations in solar wind over the past 7 days.


Using the image below do you see changes that coincide with earthquakes over the past 7 days?

Source: ACE Satellite - Solar Wind Electron Proton Alpha Monitor clıck here

Hourly Averaged Real-time Integral Flux of High-energy Solar Protons clıck here

Hourly Averaged Real-time Interplanetary Magnetic Field Values clıck here

Hourly Averaged Real-time Differential Electron and Proton Flux clıck here

Predicted ACE Satellite Locations in GSE Coordinates clıck here

1-minute averaged Real-time Bulk Parameters of the Solar Wind Plasma clıck here

LIVE IMAGE! California/Nevada Earthquakes from the past week show up in this image.

Current California earthquakes

This sensor show changes in earth's magnetic field near Fresno California. Do any earthquakes above seem to coincide?

LIVE IMAGE! Geomagnetic readings from Fresno today show up here.

Fresno Geomagnetic readings today day

LIVE IMAGE! Geomagnetic readings from Fresno yesterday show up here.

Fresno Geomagnetic readings previous day

The following revolutionary image is a real time model of the ionospheric ion density over the world. It changes rapidly (roughly every hour) but with major earthquakes one sometimes finds an ionospheric hotspot in the vicinity. Theories are that squeezed earth faults cause peizoelectric rocks like quartz to create ionic charges near earth's surface or perhaps even solar wind hitting earth triggers quakes and that wind can perhaps be detected by the way it ionizes the atmosphere. For the first time in the world this data can be studied live next to a matching map of worldwide earthquakes. UPDATING AGAIN!

Here is the same data from a different source

Can you match any of the above activity with earthquake occurences in the world?

World Earthquakes

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